Fashion Club Is Back


Courtesy of Crossroads Yearbook

Avajosephine D, Chief Reporter

The Fashion Club has made its way back since the break it took due to coronavirus, with 29 people currently in the club. 

“I think fashion is a part of our life; we think about clothing every day when we put it on, and it can improve our spirits. Fashion also helps us project an image. Fashion is a branch of art that helps students that are finding themselves to learn how to embrace themselves.” said Fashion Club adviser Marie Adamo.

The fashion club is a zen place where students’ ideas, style, and attractions are accepted and embraced. 

“I would personally say that the Fashion Club is a club where we can let loose. It’s a very lax club in contrast to others for a reason it’s meant to be enjoyable. You can also meet people who have the same interest in fashion as you do.” said Fashion Club president, sophomore Samie P.

The skills learned from this club can also be used when one graduates high school.

“By wearing personalized clothing, it is a form of art that helps us express ourselves and show the world who we are,” said Samie P.

The small size of the Fashion Club allows the students to be more talkative and share creative ideas with each other. 

“I enjoy the Fashion Club because I get to socialize with friends as well as work with people who share the same interests. I have the chance to participate in and explore new activities revolving around my passion for fashion. In the club, we use sewing machines, design and make jewelry using clay and other materials,” said junior Avery C.

The club meets almost every other Thursday after school in Art room 5 and welcomes new members at any time of the school year when interested.🔳