Introducing the 23-24 Student Life board

Eunice Jeon, Chief Reporter

Elections for the new Student Life board for the next academic year were held on April 20, where students were able to listen to speeches during homeroom and vote for a candidate.

Each of the candidates had their own unique reason and motivation in running for their specific position, some of which included promoting school spirit and being a voice for other students.

“The reason I ran for [1st Vice President] is because I want to make a change in Commack High School and I felt like stepping up to this position gave me the best opportunity,” said junior Nick W.

The results of the election were announced later that day and were as follows: Julia L./President, Nick W./1st Vice President, Dean V./2nd Vice President, Jake D./Secretary, and Eunice J. and Casey S./Treasurers.

After hearing the results, these winning candidates looked back on their campaigns and expressed how they felt during the whole election process.

“The election process was a lot of fun. I made posters, I posted on social media, and I made an Instagram account that people can follow to see what I’m up to,” said junior Dean V.

The candidates also mentioned what they are looking forward to as new officers of Student Life, including being part of a close-knit team.

“I’m excited to join this family of people that have similar goals and interests as me because […] all the Student Life members say how much of a family the team becomes and I want that for myself with my high school experience,” said sophomore Casey S.

Others were looking forward to making social connections and taking on positions of leadership and responsibility.

“I’m excited to get to know all the teachers and take on a bigger role in Commack High School,” said freshman Jake D.

The elected Student Life board also left messages of encouragement and support to the student body as the new representative officers.

“As a new officer, I really want to encourage everyone to become involved in everything at [CHS] to really make this school a good place to be at,” said junior Julia L.🔳