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The Courant is the student-run, open-forum newspaper of Commack High School, serving to inform, entertain and provide a forum for student opinion. The staff of The Courant will not publish any obscene or libelous material. However, The Courant will not avoid publishing an article solely based on dissent or controversy. The Courant does not practice prior review. Unsigned editorials reflect the opinions of the editorial board. Signed editorials, columns and letters to the editor reflect the opinions of the writers themselves, not necessarily those of The Courant and its staff. The Courant does not accept or solicit advertising. Per district policy, online content will not include students’ last names without parental permission or if a student has graduated.

The Courant has been recognized at the local and state level and has won 460 awards to date, since September 2000. The Courant is a member of ESSPA and the Quill & Scroll International Honor Society.

Letters to the Editor may be submitted to [email protected]

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About The Courant