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Science research students represent Commack in national science fairs
Juliette Amram, Copy Editor • June 13, 2022

Science research students competed in various science fairs from late fall to mid spring, presenting their investigations to judges in the hopes of placing and being recognized for their research. Many...

Regents are back
Regents are back
June 13, 2022

Many high school students have different concerns, thoughts, and views on the Regents exams. This is due to the impact it may have on their grades...

The future of standardized tests
March 31, 2022

For the past 2 years, the New York State Regents examination and standardized testing like the SAT and ACT have been impacted by COVID-19.  In...

Understanding electoral redistricting
March 31, 2022

With the once-in-a-decade census process completed, its results tabulated, and the 2022 midterm elections fast approaching, for the politically...

Courtyard clean-ups
Jenna C., Staff Writer • June 17, 2022

The courtyard area has few plants and a few tables for students to sit and eat lunch and has been evolving. By creating a safer and a place where students can eat lunch, walk through to get to class, and...

Debby Hudson/Unsplash
Authentic art opportunities surround students
April 11, 2022

A wide range of students have creative talents but don't seem to find places to display their skills, whether it be dancing, singing, writing,...

Finding the perfect club for you
April 6, 2022

Many clubs are available for all types of people. Whatever you enjoy, there is surely a club for you, as there are about 50 clubs here at Commack...

Financial freedom is only a step away
April 6, 2022

The new Personal Financial Club is for students with an interest in finance who will have an opportunity to learn more about how to invest and...

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James and the Gian Peach: a look inside the student run musical

June 17, 2022

The International Thespian Society showcased the student-run musical of James and the Giant Peach on...

The downfall of Netflix

June 17, 2022

Netflix’s first half of 2022 has been full of controversy, causing concern for their previously loyal...

Harry’s House: a review

June 17, 2022

Ever since One Direction announced their indefinite hiatus in 2015, Harry Styles has seen great success...

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