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Stop the cheating: Presenting a new Academic Integrity policy
Francesca Marzo, Copy Editor • January 3, 2023

An updated Academic Integrity Protocol was rolled out to students in the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year.  ‘Academic integrity’ is not a new concept to students, but it is now being reinstated...

The science labs get a makeover
January 3, 2023

Over the summer, the science labs in the B-Wing (also known as the "red wing") were renovated for a new look and upgraded equipment. Both...

Home Goods versus the At Home store
January 3, 2023

With the opening of a new “At Home” store in Commack, it may be difficult to decide what home decor store is best for a particular consumer. “We...

Science research students represent Commack in national science fairs
June 13, 2022

Science research students competed in various science fairs from late fall to mid spring, presenting their investigations to judges in the hopes...

Halloween Happening happened!
Jenna Caputo, Chief Reporter • January 3, 2023

The 'Halloween Happening' is a yearly event that takes place at the end of October sponsored through the Office of Student Life. At Halloween Happening, children came to the high school and participated...

New point systems in honor societies
January 3, 2023

As this school year brings about more activities and events for students, some honor societies have increased their point requirements for their...

Courtyard clean-ups
June 17, 2022

The courtyard area has few plants and a few tables for students to sit and eat lunch and has been evolving. By creating a safer and a place where...

Debby Hudson/Unsplash
Authentic art opportunities surround students
April 11, 2022

A wide range of students have creative talents but don't seem to find places to display their skills, whether it be dancing, singing, writing,...

Recent Arts & Entertainment Stories

The importance of media in students’ lives

January 3, 2023

Whether it's movies, television shows, music, or books, the media that students consume plays a large...

A Swift Release

January 3, 2023

Taylor Swift dropped a new album on October 21 called “Midnights.” The album consists of 13 tracks...

June 17, 2022

Senior Steven H. is the creator of History for Dummies, an educational TikTok page which teaches students...

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