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2020-2021 Editorial Board & Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
William Y. Editor in Chief See William Y.’s profile
See William Y.’s profile
Olivia C. Managing Editor See Olivia C.’s profile
See Olivia C.’s profile
Soyoun (Ashley) M. Managing Editor See Soyoun (Ashley) M.’s profile
See Soyoun (Ashley) M.’s profile
Lakxshanna (Lexi) Copy Editor See Lakxshanna (Lexi)’s profile
See Lakxshanna (Lexi)’s profile
Stefanie S. News Editor See Stefanie S.’s profile
See Stefanie S.’s profile
Ellie F. Features Editor See Ellie F.’s profile
See Ellie F.’s profile
Brianna H. Features Editor See Brianna H.’s profile
See Brianna H.’s profile
Ashley J. Arts and Entertainment Editor See Ashley J.’s profile
See Ashley J.’s profile
Jessica W. Arts and Entertainment Editor See Jessica W.’s profile
See Jessica W.’s profile
Claire O. Clubs Editor See Claire O.’s profile
See Claire O.’s profile
Melina N. Op/Ed Editor See Melina N.’s profile
See Melina N.’s profile
Anastasia H. Sports Editor See Anastasia H.’s profile
See Anastasia H.’s profile
Jessica B. Social Media Editor See Jessica B.’s profile
See Jessica B.’s profile
Samantha G. Photo Editor See Samantha G.’s profile
See Samantha G.’s profile
Jillian H. Chief Reporter See Jillian H.’s profile
See Jillian H.’s profile
Zeynep T. Chief Reporter See Zeynep T.’s profile
See Zeynep T.’s profile
Annalise W. Chief Reporter See Annalise W.’s profile
See Annalise W.’s profile
Justine F. Chief Photographer See Justine F.’s profile
See Justine F.’s profile
Julian F. Staff Writer See Julian F.’s profile
See Julian F.’s profile
Carley C. Staff Writer See Carley C.’s profile
See Carley C.’s profile
Maryum W. Staff Writer See Maryum W.’s profile
See Maryum W.’s profile
Soterios H. Staff Writer See Soterios H.’s profile
See Soterios H.’s profile
Bryan Y. Staff Writer See Bryan Y.’s profile
See Bryan Y.’s profile
Jenna C. Staff Writer See Jenna C.’s profile
See Jenna C.’s profile
Francesca M. Staff Writer See Francesca M.’s profile
See Francesca M.’s profile
Anant S. Staff Writer See Anant S.’s profile
See Anant S.’s profile
Stephen M. Staff Writer See Stephen M.’s profile
See Stephen M.’s profile
Bianca R. Staff Writer See Bianca R.’s profile
See Bianca R.’s profile
Gabriela K. Staff Writer See Gabriela K.’s profile
See Gabriela K.’s profile
Logan F. Staff Writer See Logan F.’s profile
See Logan F.’s profile
Stephen G. Staff Writer See Stephen G.’s profile
See Stephen G.’s profile
Juliette A. Staff Writer See Juliette A.’s profile
See Juliette A.’s profile
Peter K. Staff Writer See Peter K.’s profile
See Peter K.’s profile
Jadyn S. Staff Writer See Jadyn S.’s profile
See Jadyn S.’s profile
Joseph C. Staff Writer See Joseph C.’s profile
See Joseph C.’s profile
Isabella L. Staff Writer See Isabella L.’s profile
See Isabella L.’s profile
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