Chess Club is Thriving!


GR Stocks/Unsplash

Jordan Vogel, Chief Reporter

Throughout history, the game of chess has been nothing more than an overly complicated bore enjoyed only by nerds and their equally nerdy friends… right? In recent years, the Chess Club has experienced staggering growth in members and general interest, especially during the 2022-2023 school year. This newfound success is for a myriad of reasons, one of which being its applicability to real world scenarios.

“I think that the skill to think ahead and plan your moves is something that’s very useful in life,” said junior and club member Michael F.

The game encourages careful forethought and patience, which helps high school students face the choices and obstacles of rapidly approaching adult life. Students may be drawn to the club for the opportunity to build the important qualities it provides.

The advent of free mobile apps and websites that make chess easier than ever to learn has also contributed to the mass amounts of students flocking to the club.

“I never thought there’d come a day where I’d have to say ‘alright guys let’s put away the chess and do some physics,’ ” said former Chess Club adviser Forrest Lipp.

Online services such as make the game instantly accessible, and that ease of use creates a high rate of player attraction. When the need for a board and full set of game pieces is eliminated, potential players are far less apprehensive about trying the game.

The chess club has thrived mostly due to genuine interest in how the game is played, but others have derived enjoyment from the social aspect of club meetings.

“We have some students that come just to watch. They’re not at the point where they really want to play yet,” said current Chess Club adviser Joseph Zaidinski.

Chess has proven to be a bonding experience that builds relationships between students whether they’re playing or simply observing a match. It’s not uncommon to see large gatherings of passionate students playing intense games of chess in the cafeteria after school. As of late, several drawing factors make the chess club an exciting place to be.🔳