Crossroads Yearbook Wins National Award 


Courtesy of Crossroads Yearbook

Beyan Velieva, Staff Writer

Crossroads Yearbook recently won a national award for the chronological order and organization of the book at the Jostens Look Book Contest for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

The Crossroads Yearbook is not an easy club, with the difficulties of getting pictures and stories all under one deadline. But, despite the hard work and effort required, students enjoy working on it.

“I just […] love seeing all of the different aspects of student life. Probably some of the most meaningful conversations are conversations I’ve had while interviewing my sources for my stories for the yearbook, and it’s been really cool seeing this process happen where we can condense an entire school year of events into one book […]. It really has the power to invoke nostalgia, and I’m really proud of the work we’ve done,” said activities editor Juliette Amram.  

Crossroads Yearbook is a yearlong club that meets weekly. The first event that is covered is the Senior Sunrise in September, and the final is Hallway Decorating Night in April. The yearbook covers all school events until April to ensure that students can obtain the yearbook before the end of classes. 

“The yearbook is organized into several different sections. We have activities, sports, clubs and then everybody’s school picture,” said Crossroads advisor Christina Semple. 

A major factor to Crossroads winning the “Look Book” award was the addition of a new section last year. 

“We try to do it in chronological order which is, I guess, part of the reason we were recognized,” said activities editor Juliette Amram. 

During the 2021-2022 school year, Crossroads did a special feature named, “One Random Week.”

“We call that “The Week in a Life,” where every day there are a few students who find something interesting in some class or something they’re doing throughout the day and they will ask the person, what are they doing, why are they doing it, it’s a whole documented process.” said Editor-in-Chief Devin K.  

As the years fly by, days may not always be remembered from high school. With “The Week in a Life,” weeks will be remembered instead.

“We just took a random week and we divided up that week by day and there were students who worked on just covering everything that happened each day and even though it might just seem like an average week, 20 years from now it’ll be really interesting to look back and see what an average week in high school was like,” said Semple. 

Crossroads Yearbook will look to enter the 2022-2023 edition of the yearbook to the Look Book contest once more.🔳