Halloween Happening happened!

Jenna Caputo, Chief Reporter

The ‘Halloween Happening’ is a yearly event that takes place at the end of October sponsored through the Office of Student Life.

At Halloween Happening, children came to the high school and participated in many different activities, such as children dressing up in different costumes and walking through the trick or treating path. This was a way for children to participate in Trick-or-Treating this year if they were unable to go around their neighborhood.

“In our booth in [the] Business Honor Society, we [hosted] cookie decorating so little kids who [came] to the Halloween Happening [could] decorate cookies,” said junior Grace Q. 

During the event anyone could donate nonperishable food items for the holiday food drive or the suggested $5 donation. These donations helped several food banks and charities in the area aid people in need for the holiday season. In addition to the food drive, many clubs and honor societies accepted donations through their booths.

“We are [had] a donation of plain sugar cookies, sprinkles, frosting, and halloween paper plates and napkins,” said Grace Q.

There were many activities such as slime making, cookie decorating, and mask making. A popular event was the Haunted House that took place in the Art Gallery. Students in the Art Honor Society dressed up as scary characters, decorated the Art Gallery as a Haunted House, and acted in the Haunted House.

“I had to stay after school and we had a whole field trip day to set up our room for the haunted house. We had to dress up, put makeup on, and I had to scream and scare the people […] It was […] a lot of hard work, but it was a great experience and I would do it again,” said junior Paige R.

The different tables at the event were a way for the children to interact with each other and be creative. At the tables, they were able to decorate, collect, create, and receive a Halloween prize or candy.

“In the Human Rights club we cut out plain masks, put out many different markers and stamps, and we helped children make their own masks. The children had a lot of fun with the masks and were very creative. I really enjoyed helping the children in their costumes and walking around with their masks,” said junior Lainey K.

The Halloween Happening was a great way for all families and high school students to interact with each other. 🔳