‘Lunch Captains’ to the rescue

Claire O., Clubs Editor

In order to create a more comfortable environment and keep students connected, selected students have been deemed “lunch captains” for their lunch periods and are helping to get the classroom more vocal and connected with one another through socially distanced activities.

“We are assigned activity ideas to incorporate into our lunch period to create a more engaged classroom and keep students connected,” said senior Ashley W.

Some lunch captains are using virtual games that students can participate in together.

“I set up a Kahoot game for my classroom on random trivia questions. It becomes competitive and gets students talking and involved,” said senior Jessica W.

Setting up various activities in the lunch classrooms has helped to break the ice and get students talking. Some classrooms are quieter than others, so this club helps the quiet classrooms become more vocal, like a regular lunch period would be.

“Lunch is different this year because of social distancing due to the pandemic, but being part of this club is helping my lunch class feel more comfortable,” said senior Ashley W. 

The organization holds virtual meetings once a month for the lunch captains to brainstorm different ideas to help the students in their classrooms have a more enjoyable lunch experience. 

“We have a Google Classroom page where new activities for the week are posted. It helps having tips on how to get our lunch class engaged and excited for the period,” said senior Jessica W.

Although some days the lunch class may be vocal already, it is great to have additional activities to further engage the classroom and get more students involved. Despite the current circumstances, students are maintaining engagement and making the best out of the situation.🔳