Comeback Season for Sports

From the desk of Editorial Board

Melina Nicou, Opinions and Editorials Editor

While many sports, including those of high intensity, have returned in recent months, they will be unable to proceed without many changes to their typical procedures.

The Courant feels that the return of sports will positively affect the mental health of many students. By bringing back the social aspect that many students felt was lost, sports will give students an opportunity to bond and connect with other peers, similar to how they might have in the past. The Courant anticipates that many students will see a decrease in the amount of stress they experience during the pandemic, now that they can use sports as an outlet to release their energy.

Students of all ages are provided with many benefits in relation to sports. In allowing students to obtain more experience playing sports, The Courant believes college athletes will have the benefit of improving their skills prior to the next stage of their sports careers. The Courant thinks that it is important for many seniors to enjoy their final seasons despite the unique circumstances. Younger athletes have the benefit of getting involved within the school community and forming new relationships.

The Courant acknowledges that in exchange to many positives, sports present a COVID-19 risk, as students come into contact with more people everyday. In addition to exposure to teammates, students will be exposed to their opponents as well. The Courant feels that the testing required for all high risk sports, will be difficult to conduct on a consistent basis.

The Courant feels that many individuals will be unable to participate in sports as they are left without transportation and that the lack of transportation available to students will unfairly hinder many athletes from reaching their full potential and receiving equal opportunities.

Despite providing opportunities for many to participate in their sports, The Courant thinks that many athletes will be at a disadvantage because of the lack of awards and tournaments given the current circumstances. Without events such as league playoffs and county tournaments, many individuals will miss their opportunity to demonstrate success in their sports.

With the beginning high intensity sports, The Courant feels that other extracurricular activities should be cleared as well. For instance, students enrolled in music programs should have the opportunity to participate in events and concerts. The Courant feels that there are many applicable ways for students to begin to gather for these events, given the resources available for athletes.🔳