Tips and tricks to improve virtual learning


Commack students have completed a full quarter incorporating virtual learning. As teachers and students made the transition this last September, feelings of frustration and confusion were present among both groups alike. 

“It can be difficult to navigate online platforms since we are typically using so many platforms at [once],” said science teacher Alisa Israel

The adjustment from in-person classes to online teaching was a challenge for most teachers.

“I felt a bit unsure of how [virtual learning] would actually work out, but we are all trying to do our best. It is not an ideal situation and I would much prefer to be doing live teaching each day,” said mathematics teacher Derek Pope.

Virtual learning presents some obstacles for students as well. For example, juggling between the never-ending “to-do list” on Google Classroom while filming countless Flip Grids may be overwhelming for students.

“Once I get home from brick and mortar days, I feel buried in online assignments,” said junior Gina K

Here are some Flip Grid tips and tricks to hopefully alleviate some of the stress of navigating through virtual platforms and add a personal kick to your assignments.🔳