Art Honor Society reinvents the ‘Halloween Happening’


Lakxshanna Raveendran

CHS Lobby transformed into a Halloween Happening theme.

Lakxshanna (Lexi), Copy Editor

The National Art Honor Society(NAHS) held a COVID-19-safe version of the Halloween Happening by decorating the main lobby in the style of Tim Burton, on October 30th.

Since the annual haunted house was cancelled, NAHS members decorated the school with different scenes from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“We wanted to make a new ‘Halloween Happening’ as safe as possible due to COVID. I decided that decorating the main lobby was the best way to spread the Halloween spirit. We decorated the lobby because art is really helpful during a time of need, and we thought it [would brighten everyone’s day],” said the president of NAHS, senior Lexi B.

They decided on a central theme based off of suggestions from NAHS members.

“Last year, when we thought the haunted house would still be happening, we pitched a theme to create the haunted house with each room representing a different Tim Burton movie. Since there was only one room to decorate this year, I thought it would be better to keep it to one movie,” said Lexi.

Students stayed after school and worked in groups to make paintings, build 3D props, and hang decorations.

“First I had to divide members into groups by A and B schedules so that they could stay after school together [to work on props]. Each officer led a group and picked which scene they wanted to capture. The officers worked with the members in their groups to decide which props would best represent their scene, and once the props were finished, we decorated the main lobby together,” said Lexi.

The different scenes that were displayed were “Oogie Boogie’s song,” “Town Meeting,” “Christmas Town,” “Halloween Town” and “Jack’s Lament.”

“My group and I recreated the ‘Oogie Boogie’s song’ scene where Oogie Boogie starts to fight with Santa Claus. We thought that a lot of people would like this scene because the song is really popular and there were a lot of memorable parts of the scene that we could recreate, like the roulette table. We created a bunch of props like standing skeletons and little Santa Claus statues which we put on the window in the front of the auditorium,” said the 1st vice president, junior Deborah A.

Students had the opportunity to see the “Halloween Happening” decorations as they walked into the school on Friday morning, which members had set up the day before.

“I really liked how it turned out in the end. Even though we couldn’t do the usual Halloween Happening, I thought that this was just as fun,” said the 2nd vice president, junior Amber S.🔳