Continuous Connection

Students can still be involved in the Commack community during times of COVID

Claire O., Clubs Editor

Despite the hardships faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been provided with many opportunities to become involved within different Commack communities for the 2020-2021 school year by making the most of clubs and CSIP.

Though there are some clubs on halt for this school year, many are able to operate virtually. This includes all honor societies, Office of Student Life, both Boys and Girls Scholar Athlete Leadership Clubs, The Courant school newspaper and Crossroads yearbook, according to the Commack High School website.

“I was happy to hear I am still able to participate in honor societies this year. Though meetings are virtual, I have many opportunities to take part in in-person events, like the food drive…,” said senior Alyssa P.

Honor Societies created a “Shared Point Pool” for the upcoming food drive. Earned points will count for each honor society a student is involved in, as well as for their class competition. All students who participate in the food drive have the ability to earn points for their class, so it is a great opportunity for students not involved in honor societies as well.

“Business Honor Society is conducting virtual competitions as well as multiple fundraisers. I am excited to stay involved and maintain connections with my peers through these events,” said senior Shane M.

Both the Boys and Girls Scholar Athlete Leadership Clubs are very popular. They have been operating virtual meetings each month, and have already listed multiple “point opportunities” to help engage students and spark involvement.

“I will definitely participate in many events this year, and am glad there are still opportunities given the circumstances. I know GSALC will be having multiple donation events such as Toys for Tots, as well as events to help beautify the school,” said senior Jenna T.

Students have the opportunity to provide service for a member in their community, such as a neighbor, and earn three CSIP points for doing so.

“I was nervous about CSIP given the limited opportunities due to the pandemic, but was reassured knowing I can help out a neighbor or someone nearby with a task such as grocery shopping for them, which is a great deed and beneficial,” said senior Taylor M.

Clubs, honor societies, athletics, individual services and volunteer services still count for CSIP opportunities. Students are encouraged to check out for updated opportunities.🔳