It could be anyone ‘Among Us’

Meet the video game that is bringing students together through lies and trickery


Samantha Gould

Students have found a platform to stay connected and have fun together.

Jessica W., A&E Editor

“Among Us” has taken the world by storm and has been rapidly growing in popularity, despite being initially released over two years ago.

With the help of “Twitch,” the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers, “Among Us” has become one of the most downloaded mobile apps in 2020, surpassing 217 million downloads. Famous Twitch streamers like Tfue and Ninja introduced the world to “Among Us,” leading to a phenomenon around the world. Even famous YouTubers like James Charles stream their own “Among Us” games for the world to see.

“I found out about ‘Among Us’ because of my favorite streamer, Ninja. I’ve been watching his gaming videos for years and when I saw him play Among Us I immediately downloaded the app,” said senior Erik V.

When playing “Among Us” players must work together to complete a series of tasks while trying to uncover an undercover impostor amongst the crew who works to sabotage and kill the rest of the players. When the dead body of one of the players is discovered, it is reported and everyone is given the chance to vote on who they think the ‘Imposter’ is.

A popular way to play “Among Us” is by using group FaceTiming or Zoom, and playing the game live with friends.

“Playing ‘Among Us’ on Zoom is so fun. Everyone gets really competitive trying to figure out who the Imposter is, and the better people are at the game, the harder it is to figure out who it is. It’s so addicting. It’s also a really great way to connect with friends during quarantine,” said senior Carly L.

Not only are famous Twitch streamers playing “Among Us,” but celebrities are also partaking in the worldwide craze. American politician Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez streamed with famous Twitch users playing “Among Us” and it became one of the 20 most watched streams in Twitch’s history. Rappers like Logic and Soulja Boy have also streamed videos playing “Among Us,” which has significantly increased popularity of the video game.

“I’m not really a gamer, but once I saw that one of my favorite rappers, Logic, played ‘Among Us,’ I was like, ‘alright I have to try this out,’” said senior Andrew S.

“Among Us” has brought people together from all over the world. While the objective of the game can be viewed as morbid, the game’s lively atmosphere and the wholesome interactions that stem from playing it are what set this game apart from other titles.

“Among Us” can be downloaded for free on mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play Store, and can be purchased for $5 on PC through Steam.🔳