The Bright-Side to Quarantine Life 

Stefanie S., Arts and Entertainment Editor

During the four-month long quarantine, many students have discovered advantages of being stuck at home at almost all times.  


Aside from the stress related to the pandemic along with schoolwork, students have found the bright side of being stuck at home. Many have discovered that their sleep-schedule has improved during the quarantine, as well as their mental health in general. Without school, students are able to set their own schedule and wake up whenever they want.  


“I go to bed later and wake up later than I normally would, but I definitely get more sleep,” said junior Erika K., via text.  


Many students have also enjoyed the freedom of setting their own schedule and being able to do classwork at their own pace.  


“There’s a large amount of work I have to get done, but for the most part I can get it done without worrying about being up in the morning. I can make my own schedule for getting work done, which I really enjoy,” said junior Alyssa C., via text.  


Since the school and many other places nearby are not open yet, people have started to find physical activities to pass the time. Many go on walks or hikes with their families, while others follow workout routines found online or that they themselves created.  


“Quarantine has given me a lot of time to focus on both my mental and physical health. I walk my dog at least once a day and work out on top of that,” said senior Joseph A., via text.


Another benefit to quarantine that students have discovered was the lack of exams. The SATs and ACTs were cancelled, along with many teachers choosing not to administer online tests.


“[Quarantine] lessens my stress sometimes. Not being evaluated by a lot of exams allows my knowledge to show through my actual assignments,” said Alyssa C., via text.  


With all the free time they have, students have found new hobbies such as arts and crafts or solving puzzles. Some have even begun to study new languages. It has also allowed for families to enjoy more time together.  


“I’ve been doing a lot of small arts and crafts projects to keep myself from getting bored. I’ve been watching a lot of movies and T.V. shows with my family, too,” said Erika K., via text.  


The biggest downside that students found that came along with this lockdown was not being able to hang out with friends. However, friends have found fun ways to combat this such as themed Zooms and online games that they are able to play together.  


Despite this, many have found the main benefit to quarantine was its effects on their mental health. Being stuck at home has allowed for many students to be able to focus on self-care and themselves.  


“I have been focusing a lot on myself and trying to make myself a better person in every aspect,” said Joseph A., via text.  🔳