Managing Editor

Ruth L., Managing Editor


Columbia University 


As my high school experience comes to an end, I feel excited for everything to come, relieved that I survived each stressful week, and sad that it’s time to say goodbye.  


Although I spent a large portion of the last four years cramming for tests, I must admit that high school has been the source of some of my favorite memories. I made some of the most supportive friends I could ask for, fooled around at research fairs, and found a second home within my Science Olympiad team.

Looking back at my freshman-year self, I’m surprised at how much I’ve changed (as a person; I’m still waiting for my glow-up). Four years ago, I was softspoken and shy. I didn’t see myself as someone who could lead a team or club. However, one of the best decisions I made was stepping out of my comfort zone and taking chances. 

The Courant has given me the opportunity to write stories about controversial topics and has taught me the importance of listening to every perspective of an issue. When I first became the news editor in sophomore year, I was introduced to a welcoming editorial board that I’ve gotten to know and love over the last two years. I will always cherish the fun moments that I’ve had with Mrs. Semple and the editorial board in the Publishing Suite. 


My high school experience would not be complete without the teachers I’ve had over the years. Mrs. Holmes has been my teacher for all four years and has been a big influence in my decision to further pursue computer science in college. I would like to thank her for her endless support. I would also like to thank Mr. Pope for always making me laugh in HL math, where I never faced a boring start to the day. His passion for teaching made me excited to learn. Finally, I thank Mrs. Colette, Dr. Solomon, Mrs. Arceri, Mr. King, and many others for their continued support throughout the years.  


Despite the abrupt end to senior year, I am thankful for all of the friends and memories I’ve made along the way.  🔳