Sports Editor

Jordan R., Sports Editor


Binghamton University

My freshman year of high school feels like over a decade ago. I was terrified of the giant seniors roaming the hallways and tougher college level classes. I don’t remember too much of that year, but I know that I’m a completely different person now. High school allowed me to open up more and it gave me opportunities to try new things. It truly was a time period that allowed me to define myself and shape who I want to be. 


High school is your time to branch out. It is a time where you start to gain more freedom, but also take on more responsibility. My advice to incoming freshman or even students still in high school would be to take every opportunity you can get to do the new things that may seem intimidating. It is a great way to establish interests, make friends and stay involved. I know that I should’ve taken advantage of everything offered to me and I regret it. So, put yourself out there and try something new! For instance, I joined The Courant 


I joined in my junior year and I regret that I didn’t join earlier. I always had an interest in sports journalism and The Courant offered me the opportunity to pursue just that. It allowed me to share the things that I was passionate about with the whole school. I learned a lot not just about journalistic writing but writing in general. I never enjoyed any sort of writing before this club, but it was much better to write about something that interests meThe Courant made me a better writer and allowed me to really explore my interests 


I will never forget my high school experience. It has given me long lasting friendships and memories that have truly shaped me as a person.  🔳