Copy Editor

Ashley (Ashli) T., Copy Editor

University of Southern California


The Courant has been a central part of my Commack High School experience since becoming the Copy Editor is an accomplishment that I am proud of as I enter my future and leave Commack. I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to say farewell to Commack High School formally, as many of my peers couldn’t, due to the current world climate. That said, I would like to recount some of my personal meaningful experiences at this school, and I have some faculty that I would like to thank as well. 


My freshman year, I auditioned for my first school play ever, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I have always loved Shakespeare, but I had no confidence in myself as I was nervous to audition for my first school show alongside talented students who have been involved for years. I remember walking up to the callback list with my friend beside me and asking him to wait behind me, as I didn’t want him to see if I hadn’t made it. As it turns out, I had. I went on to be involved in one of the best casts I have ever been a part of, starring in A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Hermia. 


Another memory near to my heart is being involved with the NAHS haunted house alongside many talented artists who showed me what it was like to be a team of artists creating a collaborative, living art piece. 


One more memory I would like to share is from IB Theatre’s end of the year one-act play festival. I am deeply saddened by the fact that I will not have the experience this year but working on collaborative pieces with student directors with the only goal of having fun was an incredible experience I wouldn’t trade for any other class. 


Among the experiences that built me at the high school, the faculty guided me along my path. 


I would like to start by thanking Amy Connor, although she is not a teacher, she is a fabulous director, mentor and friend. Thank you for always believing in me from the start, and for willing to take a risk on a kid with limited experience under her belt, and for continuing to take those risks on me year after year. Because of you, I was able to grow as both an actor and a person, and most importantly, you are the reason I am pursuing my dreams and future career. I hope to continue to see you along my journey as an actress. 


Next, I would like to thank Christina Semple. Working with you has always been pleasurable and fun. You helped me gain my start in journalism, and allowed me the opportunity to become Copy Editor, and for that I will always be grateful. 


I would also like to thank Frank Musto. You have always had an open door to me, and you taught me to take charge of my own artistic ability and create pieces that I am happy with regardless of what anyone – even you – might think. Your positivity and fun anecdotes throughout the years have been a relief at the end of my long school days, and I cannot express to you how much I will miss having a teacher like you. In effort to keep this column brief, there are a few more names that I believe deserve recognition. 

  • Karen Malone, thank you for training me and preparing me to attend college this fall as an acting major. 
  • Eric Biagi, thank you for taking care that all your students succeed and are treated fairly. 
  • Andrea Allen, thank you for being a friendly face and a terrific overall person to both me and my family. 
  • Matthew Keltos, thank you for being a bright light in everyone’s day always. 
  • To all the art teachers – yes, every single one of you – thank you for being incredibly fun and talented people to work with. 
  • To both Mary-Ellen and James Desmond, thank you for both being people I looked forward to seeing on a daily basis, and for truly caring about your work and your students. 

Finally, I would like to say goodbye to Commack High School. I am finally ready to close the book on this chapter of my life, and so excited to be able to open up to my new chapter at the University of Southern California, the school of my dreams which I worked my whole life to achieve a place at. Thank you, Commack, and farewell. 🔳