Finding new ways to stay entertained

Experts share recent trends in the industry

Stefanie S., Arts and Entertainment Editor

All but five states were on lockdown due to the coronavirus by April 1, leaving fans to wonder how they would access much-needed entertainment amidst this pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, many TV series have had to halt or delay the production of shows as they cannot work during the lockdown. Some of these shows include “The Bachelor,” “Supernatural,” “Law & Order” and dozens more. Some networks have attempted to work around this obstacle by hosting online video calls and online concerts with celebrities, such as “The Disney Family Singalong,” which features various celebrities singing classic Disney songs.

This pandemic has also affected the sports entertainment industry. For example, it coincided with the height of the NBA season. Many channels are figuring out ways to work around the fact that there are no sporting events to televise.

“‘The Match’ is a golf tournament we are airing May 24th. It’s between Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Phil Mickelson… Part of proceeds are being donated to COVID charity,” said Turner Entertainment Senior Financial Analyst Philip Bolduc, via email.

Due to the cancellation of sports during quarantine, many athletes have also begun to seek out other ways to entertain fans stuck at home. Gyms are also closed because of the pandemic, allowing for a new market of workout videos through YouTube and various other platforms.

“With some of our brands, we’ve tapped into athletes sharing at-home workout videos and using their talents and expertise to provide some entertainment and an outlet,” said public relations professional Alyssa Stalzer.

Movie theaters are also closed because of the coronavirus, leading people to seek entertainment elsewhere. Many have looked to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu, which have large selections of new and old series and movies to choose from.

At the beginning of the quarantine, a documentary was released on Netflix called “Tiger King,” which received an estimated 34 million viewers in the U.S. within the first 10 days of its release, according to Variety.

“I am sure streaming services have seen a significant increase in viewership. We have not yet launched our streaming service, HBO Max, that will be launching on May 27. Some content on it includes ‘Friends,’ Warner Bros movies, ‘Sesame Street’ and HBO shows,” said Bolduc.

Out of boredom, people have found various ways to entertain themselves. Board games, video games, puzzles, arts and crafts, baking and such are amongst the myriad of options people and families in America have made to deal with being stuck at home.

“We’ve seen a general trend of people wanting to pick up new hobbies or learn different things while in quarantine to have the time go by. YouTube, Instagram and all of these platforms that can share ‘How To’ videos have definitely been popular,” said Stalzer.🔳