Discovering new content kills lockdown boredom

Claire O., Staff Writer

As of March 2020, Commack students have been in quarantine to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. During this time, students have discovered many forms of content to keep busy such as Netflix shows, YouTube channels, and podcasts.

Some popular Netflix shows among Commack students that were released during this time include “Tiger King”, “All American”, and “Outer Banks”. Some people caught themselves being addicted to shows like these.

“Because of my limited time during the school year it was nice to be able to watch the newest shows when they first came out. They were also a great distraction from the craziness happening in the world,” said junior Olivia K.

Most teens found themselves obsessed with the Netflix show, “Outer Banks”, and so did many other people as it has reached #1 on Netflix.

“My personal favorite was ‘Outer Banks’ because it was so addicting that you had to keep watching. Plus, it was set in a beach town, somewhere I think everyone wishes they were right now, including me,” said Olivia K.

Other students have discovered shows that have been around for quite some time, but never had the time to watch them and realize how addicting they are.

“I began watching the Netflix show ‘Ozark’; It is currently #5 in the US today. I’m glad I found it because it is very time consuming, in a good way,” said junior Andrew S.

Other forms of media students have discovered include podcasts in which they might have never been intrigued by before they had this free time to make their discoveries.

“I discovered the podcast, “Office Ladies” in which Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey from ‘The Office’, (Pam and Angela) discuss the show. Each week they talk about a different episode and include unshared stories about the behind the scenes from it,” said junior Jenna T.

This podcast would be of interest to many Office fans around the world, especially those who look to pass time, while finding out new information about their favorite show.

“Though this podcast came out earlier this year, I never discovered it until quarantine and I’m thankful I did because it is hilarious and very interesting […] I can’t get enough of it,” said Jenna T.

Many YouTube channels have also been created given the circumstances. Many celebrities, or regular people have been conducting video chats and posting them on YouTube, each with their own unique theme.

“I’ve been hooked on the YouTube Channel, ‘Bon Appétit’. Professional chefs cook different varieties of meals from home. These chefs would usually be with each other in person, so it’s interesting to see them cook and interact from home,” said junior Carly L.

There are also many other YouTube channels such as “Stars in the House.” On this channel, two hosts set up a video chat with popular celebrities and reunite the cast from various shows such as ‘Jessie’, ‘Glee’, and ‘SpongeBob’, to name a few.

“I love seeing the actors I grew up watching on TV reunite in some of the episodes on this channel, it’s really great,” said Carly L.🔳