Yet another grocery store proposed in Commack

Funda, Editor in Chief

A new BJ’s wholesale club is proposed to be opening in the Veterans Memorial Plaza in place of the Macy’s that has been there for nearly twenty years.  


The plaza has recently had other new popular additions, including the Burlington Coat Factory and Whole Foods, but the plan for BJ’s hasn’t been met with excitement.  


One concern is that the new addition is unnecessary, considering its proximity to other grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Target and Costco.  


“We have a ton of grocery stores around here. At pretty much every intersection on Jericho, there’s a place you can get food and home goods, but there’s really no major clothing stores around besides a few thrift stores and small businesses,” said senior Brian M.  


BJ’s could also bring more commercial traffic to the area and potentially attract customers from outside of Commack. 


“It’s already so hard to get around. On the weekends, there’s a lot of traffic [at the proposed location] and [BJ’s] is going to make it so much worse,” said Brian M.  


Businesses within the same plaza may also be negatively affected by the new addition.  


“Consumers, instead of going to Target and Whole Foods, might go to BJ’s and buy in bulk to get things cheaper. It could take customers away,” said IB Economics teacher Scott Rubinstein. 


However, due to differences in products, it is difficult to determine whether BJ’s will have a direct negative effect on other stores in the plaza.  


“Whole Foods caters to someone who is willing to spend more money. BJ’s is place where you can buy in large quantities. That’s its market—people who want substantial savings when they buy in bulk. So, I think both Whole Foods and BJ’s could exist there. Target might lose some customers,” said Rubinstein.  


Some prefer traditional grocery stores, disliking BJ’s wholesale method.  


“Since BJ’s sells in bulk, you have to buy foods in large quantities. At Whole Foods, you don’t have to do that. My family gets red meat from Whole Foods because we buy it more often rather than in bulk so that we can finish it,” said sophomore Defne A.  


Others prefer another wholesaler, Costco, which is only around two miles away at the Commack South Shopping Center. 


“[I prefer Costco] because that’s where my parents have been going forever. I know the store, and we’ve had the membership. I don’t see any reason to change [to BJ’s] just because it’s closer. It’s like going to Target and Walmart. You pick one or the other,” said Brian M.  


Smaller businesses within the same plaza that sell different products than BJ’s may benefit from its proximity. 


“If it’s a store selling similar items, it’s definitely going to be a negative, but when it comes to the places to eat, I think they’re going to love it,” said Business and Personal Law teacher Sandra Braun.  🔳