Classroom Collections 


Suchopar and his classroom display of his collections.

Olivia C. and Soyoun (Ashley) M.

Social studies teacher Richard Suchopar has a colorful classroom decorated with a variety of collections that represent different aspects of his life.  


“[I collect] my favorite athlete’s signatures, historical figurines, and [objects] that reflect some of my favorite memories,” said Suchopar. 


On the walls of Suchopar’s classroom one can find college flags signed by graduates and numerous pictures with his students over the course of his teaching career. Suchopar also has a notable selection of pop figures and bobbleheads. 


It all started when a student brought a bobblehead based on a lesson [that related to] Star Wars during my first year of teaching,” said Suchopar. 


Although the pop figures have been sold since 1998, Suchopar began to expand his figurine collection into his classroom in 2011. 


“My favorite bobbleheads are Darth Vader and Chewbacca because they started it all. They were the two originals,” said Suchopar. 


Students often add items to his collections that remind them of their time at Commack High School. 


“My collection is a selection of thank you gifts from students. In fact, some of them have a connection to school events. The Rudy, Sandlot, and Ferris Bueller pop figures remind me of the hallway for the Class of 2018 when the theme was Hollywood,” said Suchopar. 


In addition to these memorable pop figures, there are other figurines such as iconic historical individuals like Churchill, Lincoln, Roosevelt and even Rasputin 


“My favorite pop figure is Rasputin that a student made [based on a project I assigned]. His beard always makes me laugh. While my students are doing work in class, I’ll take a look and smile at Rasputin,” said Suchopar. 


While there are pop figures dedicated to his love for history, there are additional icons that reflect his interests, such as his favorite athletes and characters from the TV showThe Office. There are many sentimental aspects to his collection and his room. 


The fact that the collection [consists of] my interests and student [gifts] makes it special. My collections are shared between [me and my students],” said Suchopar. 


Suchopar’s collections add a unique element to his room that represents Commack’s student body and their experiences in his class. 🔳


Photo by Jessica B.