The changing face of Commack

From the desk of the Editorial Board

Editorial Board 19-20

A frequent topic of concern in Commack is that the lack of places to hang out, among high school students. Although our town may not be becoming a metropolis overnight, there are numerous franchises popping up over town that has something that everyone can enjoy.  


The Courant believes that one of the more exciting additions to our town an AMC theatre, which will take the spot of the former Sears. Instead of having to travel far to Tanger Outlets, students will have a place to socialize on the weekend. However, as amazing as the theatre sounds, it may put our childhood movie theatre, Elwood Cinemas, out of business. The Courant has raised the question whether as to how the face of our town will change, given the prospect of new additions.  


With new stores like Whole Foods, Five Below, Burlington Coat Factory, and the proposed BJ’s popping up, the image of Commack is changing. Whole Foods has proven to be worthwhile to those with greater dietary restrictions including vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten/dairy allergies.  However, the Courant believes that traffic on Jericho is inevitably going to increase. Once we add in the prospect of BJ’s into the mix, The Courant estimates that that the regular commute to Target will require a couple more minutes. 


Students and faculty alike wonder why BJs would choose to open a store only a few miles away from Commack’s most coveted store, Costco. Families with younger children, especially those north of Jericho Turnpike, will be glad to have another place to buy bulk Pirate Booty and eggs.  However, the Courant believes that the cons do not outweigh the pros. Traffic will exponentially increase with the added storefront in a busy area, thus increasing the risk of car accidents. Thus, the Courant agrees that BJs would be unnecessary addition.  


Other than traffic, people from neighboring towns like Dix Hills and Smithtown will be pouring in on the weekends, diminishing the small town feel of Commack. In addition, the Courant believes that we may be overlooking the fact that Macy’s will fail to exist in our town if BJs gets town approval. The department store’s departure from Commack will welcome in the next era of online shopping and e-retailers. Instead of going to malls and smaller shops, Americans are choosing to shop within the comfort of their home.  


The Courant believes Commack’s name is being given another meaning. Apart from being a renowned school district, we will soon be known for our variety of stores that coincide with the needs of every individual.  🔳