The case with phone cases 

Stefanie S., Arts and Entertainment Editor

With annual releases of new smartphones comes the rapidly growing industry for phone cases, which leads people to wonder how exactly others choose the phone cases they use.  


There are many different types of cases available with different functions. Some people choose protective phone cases such Otterbox cases. These phone cases tend to be thick and heavy, and many have a plastic screen that protects the phone screen. They also typically jut out with long edges so if the phone is dropped face down the screen does not crack. 


Some cases have multiple functions that can help with day-to-day life. 


“A battery phone case keeps my phone charged longer and I have various activities after school[] I don’t have time to charge my phone during school, so it’s super useful,” said junior Danielle P 


Others choose phone cases based according to fashion trendsGlittery cases, cases with cute characters or animals, and fluffy phone cases are popular. Some people even change their phone case to match the outfit they’re wearing. 


“I use a sparkly but clear Otterbox because I wanted people to see my purple phone, but I wanted a bit more pizzazz than a regular clear case,” said senior Ava B 


Some people simply choose the phone case they like best, or that they think represents them best rather than picking according to function or fashion.  


“I chose my phone case because it has a shark on it, and I like sharks. My case represents me and my interests,” said junior Myles C.  


However, some prefer to not use phone cases as they believe using a case lowers one’s inhibitions, leading people to be more clumsy and less careful with their phones, causing more damage. 


 “I don’t think phone cases necessarily promote someone to be more or less careful–that’s up to the person and how they handle their own belongings. In my opinion, you should always use a case because phones are expensive, so even if you trust your ability not to break your phone, there’s an extra layer of protection,” said Ava B. 🔳