Arrival of AMC in East Northport   

Ashley Javier, Staff Writer

The seventh AMC venue on Long Island recently opened on November 25, 2019, in East Northport taking place of the former Sears store.  


AMC is the largest movie theater company in the US, with more than 1,000 cinemas and 11,000 screens worldwide. The new AMC Theater features 12 screens with reclining heated seats in 10 of the auditoriums. The special dine-in experience that is offered allows moviegoers to have their ordered food delivered to their reserved seats during the movie.  


Tickets are available online on the AMC website and customers can reserve specific seatsCustomers can also buy the tickets right at the door, however, purchasing online allows more seating opportunities. Tickets range from $10.99 – $12.49 depending on age. AMC also offers a free app that allows customers to buy the tickets at ease. 


 “As a parent its useful to grab tickets right away – even on your way to the theater, and have the tickets at the ready right on your phone. Or, when you’re running late you always know you’ll have a seat. And I think the prices are very reasonable considering you basically get a couch to yourself. It has the feeling of watching a movie at home, said AMC customer and parent, Arturo R. 


The new theater may appeal to different people because of the services offered, including, reclining seats, and a dine-in service. The seats have 4 position control options and a pull-out tray for your food. 


 “[The dine-in service] is very convenient because you can relax and watch the movie and not worry about having to get food in the middle of the movie and miss parts.” said AMC movie customer, Mia R. 


The array of foods on the menu includes a full meals, such as burgers, flatbreads, and chicken. Also drinks and snacks are also availablePopcorn prices vary between $6.09  $9.09, depending on the size. With the dine-in option, employees take customers order, and when the food is ready, they will serve your order right at your seat. 


“I don’t mind bringing food because sometimes I make tips and get to interact with the customers.” said Sophomore, AMC Employee, Madyson M


Adult drinks are available at the MacGuffins bar.  The dine-in service and heated seats are only available in select AMC theaters such as the one in East Northport 


There are some AMCs that I’ve been to in Queens that don’t offer dine-in or even heated seating so I think that the one in East Northport is much more comfortable in the movie experience itselfI wish that all AMC’s offered the same amenities, said R.  🔳