Fans fight to renew “Anne with an E”

Isabella , Staff Writer

On November 24th, 2019, a Netflix and CBC show based off the classic book series Anne of Green Gables was cancelled after three successful seasons. 


The show features an orphan girl in the late 1890’s named Anne. Sent on accident to a family who initially doesn’t want her, Anne must learn her place with her new family and in the small town of Avonlea. As the show progresses and Anne gets older, she becomes accustomed to her life in Avonlea, finding friends in peculiar places and standing up for what she believes in.   


In season three, it follows Anne as a sixteen-year-old. She begins to question her origins and, as a result, begins her journey to find out who her parents were and why she became an orphan. As she prepares for college, Anne deals with facing hardships of oppression and racism in her town. Along with her classmates, she fights to stand up and find her voice amongst the small-minded citizens of Avonlea. 


“Anne always went against standards and what was considered appropriate at the timeShe always spoke her mind and was her own person despite judgement and bias towards her,” said freshmen Kelsey T. 


The show also deals with topics such as human rights, gender bias, LGBTQ+ acceptance and racism – topics most shows are apprehensive to delve into in fear of backlash 


“The show touched on a lot of topics that are important to people and need to be talked about,” said Kelsey T. 


It’s clear that one of the most important reasons fans are trying to save the show is because of the important messages the show fearlessly touches on.  


“I really liked how they shined light on subjects [teens] barely talk about and still need to be fixed in the society we live in today,” said freshman Michela D.  


After season two came out on Netflix in 2018, the long-awaited season three was announced on September 22nd, 2019 and appeared on Netflix on January 3rd. 


After season three was aired, the show was unexpectedly canceled.  


It ended on a cliffhanger. A lot of the plot wasn’t finished. It was disappointing,” said Michela D.


Although the cancellation seemed resolute, loyal fans refused to back down. After starting multiple hashtags on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, the hashtag became trending, with over 37k posts under the tag #RenewAnneWithAnE on Instagram. Fan art, twitter campaigns, petitions, re-watch parties and various hashtags urged Netflix to renew it for a fourth season. 


Despite fans’ efforts, there has been no announcement to renew the show.  


This is not the first time Netflix has disappointed their users.  


So many shows have been taken off of Netflix,” said senior Jamie P. 


Regardless of the outcome of Anne with an E’s cancellation, it’s not hard to tell that fans have made an impact. A popular square in Toronto recently began showing messages like “Renew Anne with an E” and “Save Anne with an E” on digital billboards. The billboard was funded by fans after raising over $1,000 and featured fan art and messages about the show’s importance. A billboard in Times Square also began showing the hard work from fans as of January 25th in the form of fan art and the message, “Ready to fight for what’s right?” 🔳