Adding color to Tech 1 

Over the last school year, the National Technical Honor Society has created a unique mixed media mural located at Tech 1 representing the heart of technology. 


The mural was a service project within NTHS where members contributed designs using different art forms such 3D printing and ceramics. The mural depicts many technology themed tools, artifacts, and events. Mrs. Razzano helped students by recreating their designs using ceramic pieces, which were then incorporated in the mural. 


“The mural represents the continual rebirth of the Technology education program. I can envision the mural as living artwork where features are added to the mural in the upcoming years,” said co-adviser Thomas Shea. 


Although many students contributed to the process, it was originally conceived and initiated by alumnae Jenna McCluskey and was mainly carried out by students Toni D’A.and Anna A. 


“My favorite part of making the mural was working with my friends. We did a lot of the work for it and every second was fun. My friend, Toni [D’Aactually got me [involved]. Hanging out after school to contribute to something important while also spending time with my close friends was a really fun experience,” said junior Anna A.. 


As a team, the students were able to complete the mural before the start of the new school year. 


“[I am] thankful for all of the students who made small and large contributions to the creation of this project,” said co-adviser Michael Gargiulo. 


All students and staff interested in seeing the mural are welcome to visit. 🔳