Fighting Against Injustice 

Lakxshanna (Lexi), Clubs Editor 

The Human Rights club is an interactive club on the rise where students discuss ethics, global human rights abuses, and attempt to aid concerning situations by the use of an open forum. 


“We discuss human rights issues, express our thoughts on the issues and pass along our knowledge with possible solutions to them. So far this year we have discussed the treatment of the protests in Hong Kong, the treatment of Kurds in Turkey/Syria, and [the situations within] Iran and Iraq, said president, sophomore Stephen G. 


Many students enjoy the relaxed discussion style within the club as students are encouraged to share their personal opinions. Additionally, students have shown interest in being able to contribute to the selection of the topic to be discussed at each meeting. Students pick topics that attract them and create PowerPoint presentations with background information and ideas for possible solutions. They then schedule meeting dates to present them among other club members. 


“I like learning about new things through the presentations and lessons that [members give],” said sophomore Ameer C. 


In order to bring light to the issues they believe are the most significant, the club has raised and donated money to varying organizations. 


“We’ve donated to the Malala Fund and the Save The Children’ organization. These are both organizations that help children who don’t necessarily have education, clean water or are in poverty. These are organizations that our club members chose to donate to, as we voted on which organizations we wanted to support. We’ve donated hundreds of dollars to these organizations [in the past],” said adviser Derek Pope. 


Students collaborate to create fundraiser ideas and feasible solutions to crucial problems. Their methods to aid concerning problems can vary from starting petitions to creating school-wide initiatives of their own. 


“All students are invited to come, talk and express their ideas,” said Stephen G. 🔳