Bryan Yuk, Copy Editor

Attending University of Virginia

I can still remember my initial motive that led me to join The Courant: a desire for Chinese takeout.

After an exhausting swim meet, I found myself craving scallion fried rice. While devising methods to persuade my parents, my brother jokingly proposed that I craft a food review for The Courant and convince my parents that it was necessary for me to write it, compelling them to order Chinese takeout. As I enjoyed my meal and jotted notes for the forthcoming article, I discovered a spark of interest for journalism which I wholeheartedly embraced, eager to uncover where it would lead me.  

And boy did it take me on an extraordinary journey. Since then, I have delved into various realms of reporting, from crafting profiles to reviewing music, where I uncovered the distinctive characteristics of each style. Through profiling teachers, I learned the art of effective communication and engaged in captivating conversations that unveiled unique and fascinating aspects of their lives, far beyond my imagination. Exploring music profiles taught me to appreciate the nuances and instrumental attributes of albums, enabling me to comprehend the artistic vision behind the works and analyze the implications of each song. Although I don’t plan to pursue journalism as my college major, I still intend on joining UVA’s publication. My time with The Courant has imparted crucial soft skills that will prove invaluable, regardless of my future endeavors.

Following my writing experience, I had the privilege of transitioning to editing articles this past year, allowing me to assist others in effectively expressing their individual ideas. It brought me joy to witness the full circle moment where I realized that everyone encountered the same mistakes I made when I first began writing. Moreover, it assured me that the future of The Courant is in capable hands. 

Before embarking on the next chapter of my educational journey, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who have guided me along my journalistic path. 

Mrs. Semple: I am immensely grateful for your unwavering support, from tolerating my lateness (even with this Senior Farewell) to guiding me in discovering my distinctive writing voice through journalism. Your advice has been instrumental in my growth. In addition, thank you for encouraging me to explore diverse topics and pushing me beyond my comfort zone. It was through this process that I discovered new and intriguing subjects, helping me grow as a writer. You are the driving force behind The Courant’s success. 

Staff Writers and Editors: Thank you for injecting renewed vitality into The Courant with your fresh ideas and unique writing styles. Continue to breathe life into this publication and, please, make life easy for Semple…submit your stories on time!

And thus, my adventure with The Courant comes to a close. Until we meet again in the next chapter.🔳