Trending Fashion

Mallory H., Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, it’s good to observe what sort of fashion trends are popular among the student body. Whether it’s for comfort, self- expression, or style, fashion can be a defining feature of one’s personality. Here are five of the most popular fashion trends this year:


Converse has been a fashion and sports staple for years, since the 80s. But recently, converse have been making such a comeback as they are a must have for many students. Whether it’s white, platform, pink, blue or custom made, Converse are just the right mix of affordable, comfortable, and fashionable for the average high school student. Converse range from $60 to $130, available at Famous footwear 5031, Jericho turnpike, or on their online store



This trend tends to be more in fashion for Commack’s feminine students, among all grade levels. LuluLemon is known for their comfortable, sleek looking, and high quality leggings that are good for a simple outfit as well as playing a sport. Recently, they have also been divided into shirts, sweatshirts, skirts, and more, and are becoming even more popular as their options and demographic expands. Lululemon prices are quite high, most leggings ranging from $80 to $140. Available at Plato’s Closet, 6153 Jericho Turnpike, or at their website


Beginning in 2020, the Y2K style had been on a rise, consisting of many early 2000s trends that have died out: low rise jeans, skinny jeans, vests, tube tops, layers and layers of clothing. Similar to its popularity online, Y2K fashion has also made its way to Commack, and is a popular trend among students. This trend spans across a wide variety of styles, including darker styles like grunge, and cuter styles like coquette. Many authentic Y2K clothing items can be found at thrift stores, like the Goodwill at 1900 Jericho Turnpike. 


Originally designed for outdoor adventures, JanSport is a popular backpack choice among any students. They come in hundreds of different colors, and have many hidden pockets needed for school supplies. They are sleek looking, well made,and perfect for a student in Commack who wants a cute backpack, and a functional one as well. JanSport ranges from $50-$90, available in Target at 98 Veterans memorial Highway, or on their website

Flared Pants

Flared pants is a larger category of trends among Commack students, but still a very popular one. Whether it’s jeans, corduroy, or leggings, flared pants go with almost everything. Originally beginning as a trend in the 70s, flared pants have lasted quite sometime and come in many different varieties. Flared pants can be found at Levi’s, Garage, Old Navy, and Lululemon in different styles. Garage has flared pants available for a variety of prices depending on brand, located in 313 Smith Haven Mall Lake Grove, also on their website 🔳