Arpan J., Staff Writer

Attending Adelphi University  

These past 4 years have been filled with nothing but surprises. Unlike most of the other seniors, I didn’t start at Commack, but rather at W.T. Clarke High School, a much smaller school in Westbury. Since I moved in my junior year, I felt like I said “goodbye” to my high school life more quickly than others. I remember every day I would try to convince my parents not to let us move since I didn’t want to graduate with a bunch of strangers. But of course, no matter how much I complained we ended up leaving the home I lived in since I was 8 and moved into a much bigger house in Dix Hills.       

Writing has always been something I felt a strong attachment to since I was a little kid. When I was younger I would write my own newspaper and the content would be about what my family members were doing around the house. I would obtain this information by hiding in closets or behind couches. I would then copy what I wrote down on the paper onto the computer and print it out to give to my younger siblings. Throughout middle school, I would constantly write down any stories that came into my mind or develop random characters that were later forgotten. 

As I got into high school, I began to lose more and more of my interests, writing being one of them. It didn’t take too long for me to get sucked right back into writing stories due to my sophomore year English teacher. During that year, we did a lot of creative writing and I received a lot of great feedback which gave me the confidence and passion to write again. I became more engrossed in other worlds that only I had the power to change and decide what would happen next. 

I remember being overwhelmed on my first day at Commack by the number of students and all the different hallways I had to adjust to. In my first week, I kept thinking that I was never going to figure out where anything is or be on time for my classes, but that turned out to be the easy part. The hard part was trying to figure out where I belonged.

 As I was trying to quickly adjust to Commack’s lively school spirit I ended up joining Etchings, the school’s literary magazine. My pessimistic attitude about the move was starting to lighten up with all the amazing opportunities Commack had to offer. The moment I stepped into the building I felt my bubble pop because of all the classes and clubs Commack provided. 

My feelings took a shift as I entered into a writer’s workshop course, various art courses, Etchings, and The Courant. I became captivated by how big the art department was, and how talented and dedicated everyone was. Although I have only been here for a short time, moving gave me an opportunity to discover what I wanted to do with my life.

To my old art teacher Mrs. Arcuri, who always had time for my rants, thank you for making my time at Clarke memorable. I’ll always treasure the time I had in art club and in your class. Thank you to Mrs. Docherty for always being dedicated to Etchings and for answering all my Adelphi questions. Thank you to Mrs. Libbey who has been so kind to me since I first arrived at Commack. Thank you for all that you do, and I’ll miss our morning talks. Thank you to Mrs. Desmond for not only writing my recommendation letter but being so supportive and welcoming since I came to Commack. Thank you to Mr. Raeihle for always making me laugh and allowing me to eat lunch in your room. I’ll miss annoying you. Thank you to Ms. Cisek for all your feedback on my writing and for making the Writer’s Workshop one of my favorite classes. Thank you to Ms. Clark, Ms. Dugan, and the guidance department for answering my endless questions and making sure I felt comfortable in my new space. Finally, thank you Mrs. Semple for introducing me to The Courant. I’ll miss our talks during 8th period. The Courant wouldn’t be where it is today without your dedication and inspiring work ethic. 

And now, I say goodbye a second time to another high school, as I start a fresh chapter in my life.🔳