A life of honesty and purpose: Remembering Dawn Mulvey


Courtesy Crossroads Yearbook

Jenna Caputo, Chief Reporter

English teacher Dawn Mulvey, an inspiring teacher who believed in creativity and respect in the classroom, passed away after a battle with cancer on February 10. 

She greatly impacted her students’ lives with her teaching style and the way she ran her class. 

“She was very creative when we were acting out scenes for Julius Caesar, she would encourage us to really go [..] above and beyond…,” said junior Anam R.

She created a safe and comfortable place for her students having taught in the Commack District for over twenty years. She made a significant impact on her students’ and colleagues’ lives. 

“Her loyalty was unwavering, and she taught many of us the beauty of empathy and forgiveness. Her passion for the spontaneity of nature and all of its cycles was contagious as her colleagues and students alike were awakened to the true meaning of personal growth,” said English teacher Lucy Kozlowsky.

She created a life of honesty and purpose for herself and those around her.  

“Her most endearing quality was her refusal to judge people which earned her the comparisons to that of Atticus Finch, her favorite literary character,” said Kozlowsky.

Dawn Mulvey was an inspiration to her students and peers around her. She will forever live on in the memories and hearts of the students and staff at Commack High School.🔳