New Seating in the Courtyard

Kate Bitonti, Chief Reporter

The courtyard is many students’ best chance at soaking in the sun during the school day. 

With the weather changing over, eating lunch outside has become the more attractive option, rather than sitting in the cafeteria. Except, in previous years, beautiful weather didn’t seem to be enough to make the courtyard appealing to students during their lunch periods. The courtyard wasn’t nearly as lively as it was this year. 

“There was always food on [the tables], they weren’t clean,” said junior Emily N.

Many students tended to stay indoors during their lunch period, remaining in the cleaner atmosphere of the two. They chose to watch the sun through the windows rather than to experience it from the outside purely out of the uncleanliness of the outdoor tables. The popularity of courtyard seating has increased after implementing the new tables. 

“I believe that there is an impact when you have a nicer cleaner area,” said vice principal Matthew Keltos.

The cleaner environment seems to be a big part of persuading students to take advantage of the outdoor seating. Regardless of the subject, the cleaner option is typically more attractive. That cleaner area has been achieved, majorly by the design of the new tables.

“There’s holes in the tables so that means it’s also cleaner for me to eat my own lunch.” said junior Olivia K. 

With the new perforated tables, food often has the ability to simply fall through, onto the ground. Being that they are not composed of wood like the previous tables, it’s also more practical to rinse with water. They have the ability to dry quicker with water typically falling right off. 

“Every time I walk through there are people outside, it seems that all the tables are filled,” said Keltos. 

Now that students can enjoy a clean environment, inside and outside, those who once avoided eating their lunch in the courtyard are now filling up the tables with their friends. The cleanliness that has been created seems to have an impact, but so does the overall appearance.

“It’s not as dirty anymore and it’s also a prettier look,” said Olivia K.

An appealing appearance can have more of an impact than one would think. The amount of the students eating in the courtyard has increased partly because the courtyard and tables themselves are easier on the eye. The new tables with a smooth shiny black finish are more visually appealing than the wooden tables with chipping white paint. 

“I did support that they were getting new tables and that they were going to be good for students to sit at but I also was kind of sad to see the old ones leave,” said Keltos.

The original tables were painted by a young lady for her girl scout project. Her family helped her with the project. She put “thank yous” on the tables as well. When one has a connection to the creator of something, such as these tables, it can be bittersweet to let them go. However, this doesn’t stop more changes from coming.

“It’s [the new tables] a phase one of a three or four phase project,” said Keltos. 

There are bigger and better plans for the courtyard than just the tables. The returning students will have a revamped courtyard and an improved lunchroom beginning next year. Regardless where one chooses to spend their lunch period, it’s expected that they will be equally as comfortable.🔳