Resolutions for the 2023-2024 School Year


Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

Casey Schwartz, Chief Reporter

As the year draws closer to an end, students are able to reflect on their past school year, which may help them to create new resolutions for the next year.

On certain days throughout the year such as New Year’s Day and a birthday, it has become the norm for many to write a list of new resolutions that they would like to accomplish for the upcoming year. Many of these resolutions include building new relationships, joining a team, taking a more difficult class, and raising grades.

“To me, setting resolutions and goals helps me to gain motivation to move on to higher and better things,” said sophomore Lorenzo G. 

There are many different ways to excel, with clubs, classes, organizations, honor societies, events, athletics, arts, and more. Students like to join these as a part of their pathways to success. 

“One thing I regret about my past two years is not attending as many meetings and events as I’d hoped. For next year, I plan on joining new classes, and attending more spirit events and competitions. Before I graduate, I want to get more involved in my class and in my school,” said sophomore Marley S. 

Especially for sophomores and juniors embarking on the journey for the IB diploma, many may include studying into their plan for the future.

“I would like to keep better track of my deadlines and assignments, possibly with a calendar or journal, which will hopefully improve my grades and workmanship,” said sophomore Ray Z. 

As for freshmen, as they have just adjusted to high school, some may be more concerned about making new friends and about pushing themselves to join groups that they might not have thought about in the past.

“Although school is important, [a] social life is just as important, and high school has taught me that,” said freshman Ornella B. 

Physically or mentally writing down goals for the upcoming year can better the chances of actually completing them. Others state that these goals tend to just be fantasies that will be forgotten within a month into the process. Freshman Kaylee N., has found avidly making to-do lists to be very motivating.

“In order to ensure that I actually accomplish them, I reread my lists, prioritize what I need to get done, find a clean and comfortable place, and reward myself when I finish,” said freshman Kaylee N. 

With seniors nearing the end of their high school academic journeys, they most likely have slightly different goals than others might have. Entering college can be both exciting and nerve wracking, so creating an organized list of goals and ideas can help to aid the process. 

“College is all about making memories, so I will try my best to put myself out there as much as possible. Whether it be for grades, social life, or clubs, I’d like to use reminders or notes to keep track of my year, to make the most of it,” said senior Eli D. 

Resolutions are not just for teenagers and young adults, but they can be helpful to anyone of any age. Whether it be based on failures or regrets from the past year, new concepts or events to occur the next year, resolutions can act as the motivator or fun activity that helps students succeed.🔳