More than just books

A in-depth guide to local libraries


Avajosephine D, Chief Reporter

There are various local libraries that will help students succeed as a hardworking adolescents are chasing their academic dreams. 

“It is important that students work in libraries because it allows them to look up certain things for research papers, they can also use the computers, take out books because reading is good for the process of learning,” said high school library aide Jeannette Capolongo.

Libraries are consoling and accommodating to anyone. It is suitable for mental health for adolescents to study in a quiet environment with little to no distractions. 

The Commack Library, located at 18 Hauppauge Road, is a popular library that many students enjoy studying in.  Once one walks into the sliding doors of the Commack Library, there are many available resources, so it is essential to know everything to access.  The layout includes a quiet teen room with couches, two computers, and a wide selection of books.  This room is reserved for only students in 6th through 12th grade; this will help one feel safe when doing homework or studying.  There are likewise little personalized, confidential rooms downstairs of the library, in case one prefers to be separated from others or requires supplementary privacy to concentrate.  

To feel more energized, two vending machines are located next to the teen room.  In the teen room, there are tablets that students can sit at, there are also tablets that can be checked out which hold ACT and SAT videos to assist in studying.  If you are having trouble finding the novel that best fits you, some lists were compiled with descriptions of the books to create the most joyous reading experience imaginable.  There are three  indexes: “A teen booklist for Romantics,” “A teen booklist for realistic fiction,” and “A teen booklist for mystery lovers.”

 “16 years old is the minimum age to be accepted for a job at the library.  Working at the library offers good hours, a good pay rate, flexibility for scheduling, and nice coworkers.  We also work hard to provide the best service to all of our patrons and give them the best service they need” said Michelle Rorke, the head reference librarian at the Commack Public Library.

The Elwood Library, located at 1929 Jericho Turnpike in East Northport, is specifically a place that has a teen room that many teens enjoy.  The Elwood Library offers more teen novels than any of the other local libraries.  The teen room is decorated in ways that motivate teenagers and help them feel at home.   

It is themed Under the Sea with green and blue LED lights and has a couch.  A shelf-themed ‘book-tok’ is also a unique feature of this library.  There is a small section of computers and a kids corner. When walking in, you can see a front display of artwork that not all libraries have. 

The Elwood library offers things that are different from other libraries: take and make crafts, seed libraries, a big book selection, book sale and a friendly staff.

The Smithtown library’s Commack branch is located at 3 Indian Head Road in Commack, also has a teen room with lots of popular books that teens enjoy, a TV. If you don’t know what to read, there is a selection board which one can pick out of the options love, fantastical coming of age, thrilling, friendships and LGBTQ+. Similar to the Commack Library, there is a vending machine with energy drinks and snacks for an extra energy boost while working hard. 

The magazine section here is large compared to others. Different from other libraries, this library also offers movies so that students can sit back and relax. When you need a break from studying, heading to the Smithtown Library to catch the latest flick with your friend is a fun option.

The Smithtown library also has a variety of different programs and offerings.

On the other hand, the Northport Library located at 151 Laurel Avenue in Northport, is known for its café, which offers hot and cold beverages, snacks, and even ice cream. This is useful for teens to enjoy a warm snack.  Sitting by the fireplace helps students stay concentrated while studying. Teens can also make friends at the chess tables.  Artwork by local students is also on display.

“The minimum age to be accepted at this library is high school or college students as a page but only during the day. Something we have to offer that is different than other libraries is that there are two buildings being the Northport building and the East Northport building, lots of books and digital books,” said Lori Marino of the Northport Library.

Although factors differentiate among the libraries, there are also many similarities. All have a separate teen room with a TV.  

In addition, they offer community service opportunities inside and outside of the libraries that can be used for CSIP or CAS.  For art lovers and bakers, many classes are offered to expand students’ knowledge and skills. Many courses and study guides are available if ACT or SAT help. In addition, free online tutoring services are suggested for all subjects. To begin, search for, then select ‘homework & study help’.  Here students have ongoing opportunities such as help with homework, interacting with live tutors, forming study groups virtually and practicing for standardized tests. The writing lab can check essays when submitted, access to free lessons and resources, and create flashcards. All libraries have book discussion groups where students can share their opinions about novels. This is, furthermore, a place where students can socialize and feel accepted in a safe environment. Finding the best library for you is easy within the local communities and surrounding Commack because the opportunities within these libraries are many. 🔳