FBLA’s Road to Success

Casey Schwartz, Chief Reporter

The FBLA [Future Business Business of America] Club has been practicing and preparing for their upcoming business competition, which will happen in Rochester in late April. 

In this club, students expand their knowledge on the business world through events, competitions, meetings, and connections. 

Every spring, members have the opportunity to travel to Rochester for the State Leadership Conference with hopes to bring back medals for Commack. However, this is no easy task.

“Honestly, the most challenging thing about this competition is not knowing what to expect, because every year, the presentations, tests, and prompts are so different,” said junior Victoria W. 

With this challenge, participants are expected to attend meetings designed to help prepare for this contest. They are also given study materials, both online and on paper, so they can review and work from home. FBLA members attending this conference would like to win, which is unachievable. 

“Watching previous FBLA members present their information, or take their tests, is very helpful because it helps me, and I’m sure the rest of Commack’s team, know what the judges in Rochester want. In order to fully understand the topics that I am competing in, I feel that it is most important to understand the terminology and foundational knowledge, which helps the most,” said sophomore Mehek S. 

This major conference is made up of several smaller competitions, one for each topic found within business. Some of these call for a website or model to be made, some require a written task or test, and some ask for a presentation. Accounting, public speaking, business management, parliamentary procedure, and human resources are just a few of many topics evaluated there. Students attending the State Leadership Conference are assigned one to three of them to study and ultimately compete for. 

Prior to the State Leadership Conference in Rochester, there is a smaller, more local conference which was held at Hofstra on February 3. Here, just a few topics hold competitions, and people who achieve success here move onto States. 

“This competition is very exciting, not just because of the adrenaline coming from the stress of doing well, but the chance of winning an award, or moving onto nationals,” said sophomore Aaron M. 

Although this tournament can be stressful at times, there are several benefits that come from it. From this club, students can find friendships with other people that share an interest in business with them.

“My personal favorite part of being in FBLA and going to events like these is that the work and effort that we need to put into them always pays off, whether it be in acknowledgements, skills, new friendships,” said sophomore Manya K.

With practice, dedication, and determination, members from Commack’s FBLA club could come back from the New York State Leadership Conference with many awards and medals. Alongside the accolades that these participants may win, they will return with more business knowledge, more experience with academic competitions, and more friendships. 🔳