Study-Guide for School Spirit

Maheen Waqar, Staff Writer

The Office of Student Life repeatedly provides a sense of community between students and staff  as well as healthy class competition through Spirit events such as the fall/spring Spirit Weeks as well as pop-up Spirit Days throughout the school year. 

Competitive upperclassmen may take events like Fall Spirit Week very seriously since it allows students to feel excitement regarding the upcoming school year, freshmen and sophomores may feel shy to participate due to lack of information and confidence since it is a new experience for them.

“It is a chance to take a break from the seriousness of school. I feel like we tend to be so focused on the task at hand and Spirit Week allows us to have fun, enjoy being goofy, and build some comradery with our classmates,” said Student Life adviser Richard Suchopar.

Spirit Week provides a fun and light school environment for all. Seeing staff and students dress up is entertaining and puts a smile on many faces.  

“It gave a good start to the school year. Many people participated including me, and we were aware there were going to be different themes for different days, yet we didn’t know it was going to be so extravagant,” said freshman Mariam B.

Spirit Week in the fall can be considered an icebreaker, especially for freshmen. It allows staff and students to express themselves in a unique and silly way which helps form connections, especially in the long-run. It also prepares everyone for Spirit Week in the spring which is the week before Battle of the Classes occurs. Students are more excited and willing to participate during spring Spirit Week due to an increase in a sense of class competition as well as exposure.

“Spirit Week occurs during the beginning of the school year which means sometimes after the long summer break it is awkward to be around both old and new classmates. By having Spirit Week it breaks the tension and awkwardness between classmates as well as brings the class together since it is a fun and entertaining way to get to know each other more,” said junior Evelyn K.

Student Life and each class board put in a lot of effort to make each Spirit Week special. There is a lot of hard work that goes behind promoting and producing these events.

“The themes were pretty good and the whole week of school was exciting due to people being so enthusiastic. I can’t wait to participate in the spring.” said Mariam B.

Students are motivated to attend school because of spirit week. Instead of distracting them from their academics, it allows them to express themselves in a creative way.

“Student Life creates and advertises original commercials on the School District social media as well as the Student Life social media to promote Spirit Events. Student Life and the boards of each graduating class are tasked with trying to spread enthusiasm to as many students as they can to participate. We display the class competition points for each day as well as encourage teachers to dress up which encourages students to dress up too,” said Suchopar.

Spirit Day outfits allow students to socialize and make new friends. Crazy Costumes not only lighten the mood but are also great conversation starters.

“ Even though sometimes sophomores and freshmen tend to show less enthusiasm compared to the upperclassmen, I still think by participating in some spirit days it helps them learn about school spirit and events,” said Evelyn K.🔳