Methods of multilingual students

Mallory H., Staff Writer

Whether it’s for learning purposes, consuming content, or for familial communication, many seem to have an interest in other languages. 

Some students may have connections to their language through their home or culture. Some may have grown up speaking these languages in their household and went on to a language school to deepen their understanding and continue their learning. 

“I started learning Polish basically since I was born, it was my first language. I went further in pre-k and picked up English, but at the same time I spoke only Polish at home,” said Commack alumnus, Christian Bar ‘22. 

However, some students seek out learning other languages for pure entertainment and fun. These types of learners may be interested in foreign content such as shows, books, or video games. 

“I feel like it’s a good opportunity to widen your ability to communicate with other people,” said senior Nicole Y. 

Video games, TV shows and movies are also a great way to learn for many students who may not have time to study.

“I watch a lot of foreign shows and TV on Netflix, so that’s also how I learn,” said Nicole. 

Many multilingual students have been learning since childhood. 

“From the moment you signed up they started to teach you Polish, which for me was preschool,” said Bar.  

For some people, connections may be made between people and languages to their culture. An interest in languages may help some people feel connected to their ancestors and form a sort of cultural and ancestral appreciation. 

“It helps tie my culture together, the strength of the community, and helps me communicate with my family members who still live in Poland,” said Bar. 

The method of learning can be in person or digitally, and different techniques may work for different people. 

“For leisure my mom let me take Japanese tutoring classes, which is one on one, so I don’t have to stress about tests,” said sophomore Jasmine L. 

Evidence suggests that learning another language may strengthen  intellectual abilities, like stronger communication, strengthened memory, and better academic performance. 🔳