Hyping up the crowd: Band meets basketball

Eunice Jeon, Chief reporter

The Pep Band began to play at multiple Commack basketball games this season to support our varsity teams beginning on January 9.

The pep band has played for other sports games in the past such as football and soccer. Positive feedback from spectators at these events led to the band playing at basketball games.

“[Spectators] proposed the concept of having the Pep Band play for basketball games […] They said ‘let’s give it a try and see what it would be like to have a little bit more spirit at the games,’” said music teacher Stacey D’Amelia.

In sporting events, having support and energy from the audience can play a major role in the games itself.

“I feel that the [louder] and [more hyped] the crowd is, the better we play,” said Boys Varsity Basketball captain Ethan M.

Having the Pep Band play at the basketball games not only brought a positive influence on the crowds, but also benefited the players on the court.

“Especially during our defense chants, I think it really intimidates our opponents as well as brings more confidence to our players knowing that they have the full support of a strong audience behind their back,” said 11th grade drum major Shubhan R.

Spectators at these games praised the support the Pep Band was able to bring to the events and the impact they had on the overall ambiance of the games.

“I feel like it only makes the energy in that space more celebratory which I think spreads […] so it becomes more electric because there’s more good vibe and energy there,” said D’Amelia.

The members of the Pep Band also reflected on the energies of the crowd and the enjoyable experience of it all.

“The crowd really gets involved; our half-time performances are just amazing and since everyone loves it, I feel like we love it just as much,” said Shubhan R.

Such support was well received by the basketball teams and they were able to reciprocate this energy through their performance.

“I feel that it definitely made us play better as a team and brought energy to the gym,” said Ethan M.

The combination of the Pep Band and basketball games can be influential beyond sports and increase feelings of unity among Commack students.

“I think it only benefits school spirit which hopefully makes students feel more excited about coming to school when they feel more of a sense of community,” said D’Amelia. 🔳