Get your community service done!

Mallory H., Staff Writer

Some students may struggle with finding ways to complete their CSIP requirements. CSIP is required community service that all students must complete in order to graduate. 

For all grades except seniors, fifteen points are required. For seniors it is twenty. These can be earned through work inside of the school, including help with fundraisers, joining clubs, and playing sports. 

However, CSIP can also be earned outside of school as well as during the summer. Students planning on doing volunteer work during the summer should tell Mr. Boll, the head of CSIP, so their points can be counted.

  1. The Art League of Long Island runs a summer camp available for students to volunteer at. Students are eligible to be junior counselors and help assist the teachers at the camp. Students normally work from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM for a total of six weeks.
  2. Coastal Steward hosts an ocean cleanup project at various points in the year as volunteer work. has dates and opportunities available for all ages. Try to encourage your friends and family to join to help save our beaches and oceans!
  3. Molly University offers a program called “Energia for teens,” where teens can work together to improve leadership, enhance critical thinking, and foster respect amongst those with diverse backgrounds. Find out more at
  4. Retirement homes are often in need of young volunteers! On the CHS website, senior citizen events are listed. 
  5. Join a club or sport! Clubs and sports are great community service options for students. Each club or sport counts as five points, and multiseason sports are worth more. To see our list of clubs, go here 
  6. There are a variety of options the Commack community offers for community service, like the Commack Fire department, Commack Church of Christ, Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and Commack Little League. More information about these opportunities can be found on their websites. 
  7. The Gurwin Jewish rehabilitation center offers volunteer work for students aged fourteen and over. Students can sign up for the CARE program to receive high school credit and explore careers in caregiving. Students can also help to transport senior citizens, work with a nurse for a day, answer phone calls, visit residents, and answer family questions. To find out more, go here:
  8. SweetBriar Nature center has great volunteer opportunities for Commack students. There is a summer camp, spring break program, fairs, egg hunts, and a Halloween festival!
  9. Students can also participate in a variety of North Ridge, Burr, and Rolling Hills volunteer opportunities. The North Ridge Holiday Boutique, Spring Book Fair, Nringo, Burringo, and Rolling Hills Rhingo. Information and dates are on the Commack website.
  10. The Commack public library has volunteer opportunities, where students can learn support, fundraising, and community awareness. They do a variety of activities including garage, bake, book and raffle sales. More information is here, where you can apply to be a friend of the Commack Public Library. 🔳