World Language Teacher Carmelina Zitarosa

Isabella Goldman, Staff Writer

Wandering down the A wing, one might witness Carmalina Zitarosa proudly sharing her love for world languages with her students.

“I attempt to make learning enjoyable for my students by making it real, by treating them as real people. Every student has their own story outside of school, with their own trials and tribulations which shapes them as people” said world language teacher Carmelina Zitarosa. 

Zitarosa exemplifies a positive attitude, and the ability to thrive and connect with one another.  She inspires her students to reach their maximum potential during class time.

“Mrs. Zitarosa expresses a mass amount of enthusiasm when teaching, which keeps me engaged and allows me to stay focused during class,” said sophomore Lili P. 

She also has quite a powerful influence on her students as well.

“Regardless of the day, she still produces positive affirmations which makes students feel happy and worthy,” said sophomore Maria O.

Zitarosa has been teaching Spanish and Italian at Commack High School for eleven years. She explains how having children at home alters her schedule, and how she uses time management to the best of her ability.

“I have to use my off periods extremely wisely and complete all my lessons when I’m at work. As I advance in my career I sometimes will incorporate my children in lessons, by creating videos and stories,” said Zitarosa. 

Her style of teaching is superior to other classes, due to the learning techniques she utilizes.

“Mrs. Zitarosa includes every student, which encourages us to participate with the benefit of earning points and expanding our knowledge of language,” said Lili P. 

Positive relationships are formed with her students, which allows many to adapt and make positive strides during class time. 

“She is not only a teacher, but when forming a connection with her, she is an amazing person to guide you through challenging times,” said Maria O.  

When connecting with Mrs. Zitarosa, she would give aspiring teachers beginning their career some advice. 

“Do not give up, and continue making strides and be flexible, because there isn’t a formula, it is trial and error,” said Zitarosa. 

She also recommends time management and creating a proper schedule that will benefit new employers. Many can describe her as a resilient person who has a loving heart.

“She is a selfless human who puts others before herself, and she takes pride in her job and the success of her students,” said Maria O. 

As an Italian teacher, she looks upon traveling to Italy every summer.

“My favorite core memory was traveling to the Amalfi coast with important people, living a simple life,” said Zitarosa.

Asa teacher who has continued to form meaningful connections with her students, some view Zitarosa as an inspiration who can provide motivation and guidance within the classroom. 🔳