The ongoing chain of inspiration

Avajosephine D, Chief Reporter

Inspiration is substantial because it shapes one’s life.

“By having inspiration you not only have a playbook to go by but you have a guide to make you aspire to something more than where you may be at the present moment. That inspiration gives you fuel and nourishment to tackle any obstacle and achieve any goal you see as being important,” said IB psychology teacher Joseph Zaidinski.

Inspiration unlocks creativity and productivity ultimately boosting overall contentment. One who is passionate and productive feels more confident as they solve problems and strive to achieve their greatest goals.  

“My grandmother is currently undergoing extreme health issues but still gives it her all, whether that be driving me or my sibling if we need a ride or letting us have a shoulder to cry on or showing up at every school event she’s able to come to and more. She does so much in spite of those problems which is a big inspiration to me,” said senior Jamie H. 

When striving for excellence, inspiration is a representation of hope that everyone needs through life. Seeing the positivity in others can lead one to view the world around them in a different light.

“There are many people that inspire me and continue to inspire me, but if I had to choose one person, it would be my dad. My dad is one of a kind. He is not only an inspiration to me, but his friends and family. My dad has many qualities that make him an inspiring man. He preaches being compassionate to others and he encourages me to work hard and put my mind towards my goals. The main lesson I take away from him is to be a well-rounded person. I give so much credit to my dad for being the amazing father, husband, son and friend he is.” said junior Abbey S. 

Even the simplest words of gratitude can make someone’s day, since the inspiration can reflect back onto that person. It is a heartwarming feeling for one to feel accepted and helpful. 

“One of my inspirations would be Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers led a life that was about patience, kindness, faith and the love of community. In my own life I always try to measure what I’m doing to that and when I fall short which I do often I try to think back how Fred Rogers would handle the situation,” said Zaidinski

When going through tough times it may be a wise idea to ponder as to what the person who inspires you would do, say, or act. This would lead to not making careless mistakes to regret in the future.  

“My mother inspired me. She came here at 9 years old from Spain during the Spanish Civil War. She worked hard, learned a new language, never skipped a beat, was humble, honest, intelligent, balanced her love for her new country and what she left behind. She taught me to be motivated, travel the world as she did, be fearless, love yourself, know who you are because no one else will until you do,” said IB Spanish teacher Maria Edlund.

Many people find inspiration in the people who have made them who they are and have taught them lessons, such as family, teachers, or friends.

“My mother taught me that at a dinner table where there is room for one to eat, you can make room for ten; She always said go to school, learn all that you can because in life you never know where you may be, they can take your home, your country, and all that you love, but never what you have learned, so there can always be a new beginning. She passed away on December 24, 2020 at 92 years old. What a gift of inspiration,” said Edlund.

Much of the inspiration individuals have in life comes from nostalgia. Uplifting memories of others spark inspiration and meaning in life.

“My mom is my best friend, she never hesitates to ask me how my day was, what I need help with and when I’m feeling upset or down, she never hesitates to ask me what’s wrong. And even when I want to be alone, she still never leaves my side, but when I share how I’m feeling, it makes me feel so much better. She is a whiz at math and science and tries to help me even when math might just fly right over my head. Whenever I have a problem, she always gives me the best advice, makes amazing breakfast and dinner, and knows how to make me cheerful. She’s basically the reason why I function everyday but she taught me how to become an independent, self-sufficient and amazing communicator. She has taught me and still teaches me organizational and time management skills all the time and I can’t thank her enough for the young woman I have become,” said senior Marissa S.

Even if it may not always seem like it, there is always someone to look up to and be inspired by. It is important to notice the positivity in others in order to be inspired throughout interactions in life.

“My best friend inspires me because she constantly looks for ways to be the best in anything she’s doing and she can get along with everyone she meets,” said senior Camila P. 

 Even if the present is sometimes stressful as a high school student, past experiences can motivate individuals to feel that prosperity from the past. 🔳