Taking the leap to make a new friend

Emma Soto-Soler, Staff Writer

It is extremely common to have a difficult time making friends, whether one is an extrovert or an introvert.

“I think […] asking for help is probably one of the hardest parts of it all [because it] can [feel] very vulnerable,” said social worker Emily Dugan.

Going up to talk to someone may seem hard. Sometimes it might make students feel vulnerable or shy. Nonetheless, Commack has many things to offer. Clubs and sports are some of the best ways to meet new people and to make new friends, whether one is interested in fashion or football. 

“You’re looking to meet people and that particular club […] focuses on one of your [interests], then by showing up to that club meeting you’re probably going to find other people that share at least one common interest with you, which is whatever that club is about,” said social studies teacher and student life advisor Richard Suchopar.

Students who come in from another school, state, or country might feel uneasy or a little nervous about going somewhere new and seeing other students saying hi to their friends.

“Coming to the school for the first time […] was really scary, but then I found out that there [were] amazing people here and […] they [were] all welcoming and they […] help you with anything you need[.] The teachers and the staff just help you with […] any problems you have,” said freshman Kruti P.

Talking to someone who can help may be beneficial for building social skills. It can be a teacher, a social worker, a parent, or a guidance counselor.  It’s okay to have a hard time talking to someone, but it is important to make sure that students can learn and try to be better at speaking to people. It is okay if it takes a little longer than other kids for someone to be able to go up to someone and say ‘hi’ and start up a conversation.

“I found out that I just have to be myself and […] I would find people who have the same energy as me,” said Kruti.🔳