Driving for Glory

Netflix’s “F1 Drive To Survive” explained

Akarsh C., Staff Writer

Netflix’s “F1 Drive to Survive” is a show documenting the season of Formula 1, the pinnacle of motor racing. When ingenuity and creativity are combined the product results in an F1 car. 

F1 has had a history since the 1950s. Many Europeans would race each other for the chance to win the championship and claim all the fruits of winning. Not only would these people become immortalized as sport legends, but they would also strive to make sure F1 was no longer just for the rich. 

The series is a Netflix documentary series that follows the F1 season all around the world from Japan to the wide fields of Texas. F1 is a sport where 20 drivers from 10 teams drive against each other on tracks, with their teams fighting it out to win. All of the participants and teams drive for glory and put their lives on the line to win.

During 2021, the most epic and dramatic season occurred to date. Both drivers had even points, something that is close to impossible because there are 20 races in a season. Ending on a tie going into the last race was intense. There was also bad blood between these two contenders. Lewis Hamilton had crashed into Max Verstappen a couple of races earlier. This was detrimental to Verstappen, and he had to be carried to the hospital while Hamilton won the race and all the points. The question entering Abu Dhabi was if Lewis Hamilton would be able to achieve the impossible and win his 8th world championship drivers title, or if Max Verstappen would win his 1st. 

This series has been able to generate an immense amount of support for F1 in the United States, for example, the “Red Flags Podcast” started because of the Netflix docu-series.

Not only would this show be a dramatic and thrilling addition to many Netflix watchlists, but some viewers might also be able to connect with the drivers and root for their favorite team to win every week. 🔳

“F1 Drive to Survive” is currently streaming on Netflix.