Writing as an escape

Arpan J., Staff Writer

As many students struggle with the fear of opening up to others, they often look to writing as an escape. Writing has become a new way for some people to seek out therapy as it lets them empty their minds and better understand their emotions.

“When I’m on the verge of something horrific, I need to write it down and it lets me, again, express myself if I’m not able to verbalize it to other people yet,” said Etchings and English Honor Society adviser Joy Docherty.

When balancing both schoolwork and personal life, sometimes taking a step back to de-stress is necessary. Looking back on old writing can help explore the past and to help in learning something new about oneself. By putting pen to paper, one can release the thoughts that have been weighing heavily on one’s shoulders. 

“Writing is very therapeutic, I see a lot, I hear a lot, I feel a lot, being able to put my thoughts on paper is a very therapeutic way of lighting my mind,” said IB Language and Literature teacher Kimberly Cisek. 

Writing after a hard day can help boost the mood that students are in. It can help clear one’s head when their mind is swamped with random thoughts and emotions. By writing down whatever is on their mind, emotions that have been tucked inside their heads can be released. Sometimes just scribbling down words on paper can help with finding the right ones to eventually say.

“It has helped me de-stress, has helped me work through a bunch of different things in my life,” said junior Megan A. 

Writing can help with better judgment and decision skills. When the mind is swamped with random thoughts and emotions, writing can become a positive creative outlet.

“Writing works really well when you’re not ready to talk to other people about your problems yet, it lets you or gets you to a place where you are able to open up to other people,” said Docherty.🔳