A Swift Release



Sophie D., Chief Reporter

Taylor Swift dropped a new album on October 21 called “Midnights.”

The album consists of 13 tracks which she released the name of one by one at midnight, over the span of November and October. Every day fans would post new theories on what they thought songs would sound like, which singles would release early, and possible tours. 

Fans double as investigators when it comes to figuring out Taylor Swift’s hidden clues and what she is releasing next.

“It might be a double album release. She might release two different albums or 13 extra tracks because people were saying that they kept seeing the 26 number come up and 13 x 2 is 26. Also the night she’s releasing midnights at 3 a.m., she’s announcing something chaotic which could be the 13 other songs,” said junior Grace Q. 

While there weren’t 13 more songs at 3 a.m., Taylor released 7 more songs to the “Midnights” album. 

After the album was released, an overwhelming number of students believed Taylor Swift would announce a Midnight’s tour. After the “Bejeweled music video was released, many think that the re-recorded version of “Speak Now”, “Speak Now TV”, will be next. 

“After watching the ‘Bejeweled’ music video I strongly believe that Speak Now Taylor’s Version is next. I don’t believe a lot of the theories but there were so many clear signs it has to be next,” said junior Julia L. 

“Taylor’s Version” is a re-recording of old albums released under a record label. Taylor Swift is re-recording her songs so she can own them. 

“After the album I strongly believe she will be releasing a tour date for the new album,” said junior Mia M.

Not every student is a fan of Taylor Swift

“I listened to it a little and it’s pretty good, I just don’t like her voice. My friends play her songs so much that I just can’t stand her voice anymore,” said junior Nicole B. 

“Honestly I’m not a very big fan of Taylor Swift but I did think her new album was very good,” said junior Julia L. 

Some felt that when they first listened to the album on October 21 at midnight, they did not like the songs very much but after continuing to listen and reading the lyrics, they have grown to love them. 

“[The album is] absolutely perfect. I’ve really enjoyed this album. At first honestly a few of the songs were a little questionable for me, but the more I listened to it the more I enjoyed it,” said Julia L. 

“Midnights is just a really cool theme. I love the album cover first of all and my Hanukkah list [had] a few items from the collection that I want,” said junior Maggie B.

Taylor Swift, after 18 years in the music industry, still puts out amazing music that people can not only sing, but also relate to. Swifties will continue to follow all of her clues and enjoy her music. 🔳