The science labs get a makeover

Eunice Jeon, Chief Reporter

Over the summer, the science labs in the B-Wing (also known as the “red wing”) were renovated for a new look and upgraded equipment.

Both positive and negative opinions were mentioned about these changes to the classrooms. One aspect discussed was the advantage of having a new layout of the desks.

“All the tables and desks are moveable […] We want to have students working in groups, we want to make big spaces to spread out and do all sorts of activities, and now we have the freedom to rearrange those a little more,” said science teacher Justin King.

Along with the mobile desks, there was also an addition of bigger cabinets and drawers with locks and handles that allowed for easier accessibility of equipment.

“Rather than having to go to a storage room, where they can be kept secure, I can keep it right in the classroom [and] I can get them in a moment’s notice if I have the idea,” said King.

Another aspect mentioned was the introduction of more inconspicuous components, such as lighting and temperature, that contribute to the overall ambiance of the labs.

“I like how there’s new air conditioning. It’s always feeling nice in the classrooms and I like how bright it is in there because it really livens the mood and [puts] me in a better mood to learn,” said junior Dean V.

Although there are many benefits to this renovation, there are still concerns regarding the new equipment.

“I always see the possibilities for something breaking and so I’m always just a little bit worried […] I want to make sure these things last,” said science teacher Forrest Lipp.

Taking all factors into consideration, it is important to point out that a proper learning environment can play a major role in the success of students.

“I think that kids learn best in an environment where they […] feel comfortable and I think it really contributes to the overall atmosphere in class. I think the kids are a lot more respectful of the equipment and just a little bit more willing to learn,” said Lipp.

The new setting may also be beneficial in boosting productivity in the classrooms.

“Because I’m in a nicer room, I feel like my work is nicer and I enjoy being in the class more,” said junior Carlos K.

These new labs may indicate a step in a positive direction that can contribute to one’s learning experience.🔳