Staying astute over the summer

Makar M., Staff Writer

The constant presence of a demanding education throughout the school year may make teens less inclined to study during the summer months, despite the possible benefits. 

“If someone’s grades really struggled during the school year, maybe they’ll benefit from extra summer preparation,” said sophomore Anthony D. 

After the school year ends students have much more freedom with how they can spend their time. Studies done by organizations such as the University of Oxford and the Graduate Management Admissions Council have found that there are possible positive effects such as being able to cement what has been learned during the previous year or to reduce stress for the next year. 

“Honestly, I try to avoid the stresses of school and studying during the summer,” said Anthony D.

Students, however, often feel that working solely on previous material can seem draining and stressful. The importance of taking breaks during learning applies to the periods of studying during this time with students finding that they benefit more from relaxation and study.

“I think [that] not [just] preparing for the [next] school year, but thinking about your past year and what you can change or improve […] is important. I believe reflecting is important and that time off for relaxation is also important,” said sophomore Carlos K.

In addition to reflection it can be much more fulfilling for students to be able to experience more unique experiences. Being able to travel or learn from exhibitions in different fields can give valuable insight to a student about their interests and strengths. 

“I usually do [other] stuff during the summer and would have to cancel my yearly plans, [but] I think they would be great as a learning experience, and just for trying something new,” said Carlos K.

Many such opportunities are available during the summer, with many programs in the arts, business, communications, STEM, social sciences, government, as well as pre-college programs. The Summer Programs page on the Counseling Section of the school website would allow for one to find and participate in these courses if they so choose. 🔳