Summer reading fun!


Avajosephine D, Staff Writer

There are numerous benefits to reading for high school students, so it is necessary to make time for summer reading.

 Many students may not use the summer break as a time to read and sometimes overlook the importance and benefits of summer reading. The summer vacation is the time to expand your knowledge based on your interests. 

“I think it is important that you pick books that you like. There are some students who absolutely love reading and have no problem picking up a book as it is enjoyable to them, whereas for other students, it might not be their activity of choice. However, if it is something you want to get into, it is important to start with things that interest you, whether it is a romance novel or a coming of age story, crime stories, mysteries, and thrillers. As students are reading these types of books, it is important to be mindful of some of the things that might trigger you,” said school psychologist Emily Dugan. 

Gaging where a student is mentally is a great place to begin if they are skeptical about what type of book to read. When it is summer vacation, students often have the flexibility of time to experiment with their interests. 

“Reading affects my mind in both positive and negative ways. For example, if I am reading something intriguing, then it opens my mind and makes me feel happy. If I am reading a story that I am bothered by, then I am impacted negatively by it. I also find it easier to read over the summer than during the school year as I have more free time. I get the chance to prioritize activities and do not have the stress of turning in assignments and preparing for tests,” said sophomore Rayna K.

Even when students have more time over the summer vacation, some still find it challenging to prioritize summer reading, with technology being a distraction. 

“In my opinion, although summer reading can be annoying at times, I think it helps me get prepared for the next school year. It keeps my mind going during the summer,” said sophomore Abbey S.

It is necessary to know how to manage time to balance summer reading and other activities individuals may have planned for themselves.

“If you are having trouble with time management, I suggest you try to make it a habit, even if it is just a page or a chapter a day,” said sophomore Olivia L.

Reading is also educational. Still today, books that were made hundreds of years ago are read. 

“The Greeks viewed literature/drama as a way to allow people to experience life vicariously through fictional characters. The idea was that by watching the performers go through various obstacles, challenges, and triumphs, we could learn how to live better lives. I don’t think much has changed since then. People still look to movies, literature, and art to better understand the human experience,” said English teacher Kathleen Schulz.

As reading is enjoyable, it teaches and can change individuals’ ways of thinking.

“Reading has definitely affected my morals; I feel a lot more understanding of people’s experiences through reading. I have seen characters experience loss and love, sword fights, and pillow fights. It keeps me very imaginative and allows me to constantly be creative and always curious about what will happen next,” said sophomore Bridget S. 🔳