Summer birthday celebrations

Sophie D., Staff Writer

Obviously every student is going to do something different on their special day but summer celebrations are always amazing. If you don’t have anything planned on how you’re going to celebrate your birthday, here are some great ideas that can possibly inspire your plans. 

Some students are planning on doing a small celebration on their actual birthday and then having a bigger celebration on another day. 

“I’m going to have a small party at a hibachi place with a couple of friends on my actual birthday, but over February break I went to Disney World in Florida with my family and three friends to celebrate the four of our birthdays together on vacation,” said sophomore Paige H., whose birthday is July 27th. 

Other students have a big day planned on their actual birthday in which they are celebrating from 12 P.M. to 12 A.M. 

“A limo is coming to pick my friends and I up and take us into New York City. We are then going onto a big cruise ship that will take us around Manhattan for a sunset dinner. We will all be wearing fancy dresses and will be taking lots of pictures,” said sophomore Gianna.

Other students plan on having a smaller party and spending time with their family on their big day.

“I will be going out to dinner with my family,” said sophomore Vasili R., who turns 16 on August 31st.

Whether one celebrates in the winter, spring, summer or fall it seems that everyone enjoys a fun time celebrating with family and friends. Wishing everyone a very happy birthday, whenever it is!🔳